We have a few regular specials and a few unpredictable ones as well. Specials are supposed to be unique, tantalizing dishes that are not always available. That's is what makes them special.  Our customers consistently give us positive ratings on trip advisor that compliments Mark's cheffing skills.

Wednesday date night special seven years ago on a snowy night in January. We wanted to reward our regular guests for getting out in the cold and coming in so we thought what would we want?
Free bottle of wine and an appetizer? Yes! A delicious entree that I could choose? There is always a steak, pasta, fish and pork choice and a Messy Sundae for dessert. Yes, and at a great price. $44.95 for dinner for 2 was born and has been a favorite deal ever since!
What better way to reconnect with your spouse or friend in the middle of the week! Give us a call to order yours. Take it to go and have a wonderful dinner at home!
We really do take advantage of seasonal veggies... Tomato season is our favorite because we can use them for everything from Bruschetta to Caprese Salad, to Mango Salsa and fish and it has the longest lasting season. But we also have asparagus, green beans, onions, Strawberries, blueberries, Apples,Sweet Corn, Zucchini , Summer Squash, Acorn and Butternut Squashes. Of course we also love lots of herbs that we use not only in cooking but in our crafted Cocktails! Summer and fall are good in Illinois!

Our Weekend Fresh Fish specials are unique and delicious. Mark has a gift with being able to take any fresh fish we can get and make the perfect sauce to go with it. One of his most loved and unusual is Walleye with a Banana and walnut butter sauce that should be illegal!

MarkAllen's are all about our steaks! We get the best and then hand cut them to the perfect serving sizes. We grill them, we sometimes offer them  topped with cheesy crabmeat, or shrimp oscars. We cook our own Prime Rib which is melt in your mouth marvelous! When our Boston Prime or BeefTenderloin gets to party on the grill, it brings out the tasty tremendous of your dinner.
Our Pork Tenderloin Special with a Bourbon Street Praline sauce is grilled and sauced with a Pecan bourbon topping that is melt in your mouth wonderful!


Every season we change up our special cocktails and beer selections.
We try to match what is currently in season to our cocktails... spring brings Strawberry Margarita's and Lemonades, and Sangria, Summer is fun because there is so much to choose from: minty mojitos, refreshing pineapple mules, Peachy Cosmos, Black Cherry Rum Mojitos, and all kinds of icy tall vodka drinks.
Fall we love our Salted Caramel Apple Mules, Peach pecan old Fashions, Door County Wisconsin Cherry Cosmos, All things Pumpkin & Cranberry and Hot Spiked Cider.... Winter holidays bring the  PomTini, and our famous Poinsettia full of pomegranate juice and prosecco.
After the holidays we love a warm drinks like Hot Toddy's, hot buttered Rum,  Peppermint Patty. We are full of ideas and usually have a special every day in addition to our crafted Cocktail
We don't have a dessert menu. Why? Because, like the rest of the specials, our desserts are created in alignment with the season and the ingredients. We believe that dessert should be the icing on the cake to your meal ( no pun intended) at Mark Allen’s. Throughout the year you can drop by and taste them for yourself.